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SEO ranking factors that you’re missing out on
Posted on: Oct 19, 2023

Meta Properties


Meta title, descriptions and keywords play an important role in Search Engine Results Pages.



Meta titles are shown in the red box while meta descriptions are shown in the blue box. By having relevant and attractive meta titles and description, visitors are likely to click on the search engine result. Furthermore, Google places importance on the meta titles. A search query of “Web Design” is likely to show results that has these keywords in their title.


By including relevant keywords that generate high search queries, Google SEO ranking gives points to these keywords and eventually increase your ranking. However do ensure that the keywords have been properly integrated and look natural or risk being penalised by Google which may result in a drop in your SEO ranking. 3 of these keywords should be integrated into the meta titles and descriptions to make it effective and attractive to visitors.


Incorporate keywords


You can incorporate keywords in alt tags and using headers. Google considers header tags as more important so put important keywords in header tags (H1 tags) and less important keywords in sub header tags such as H2, H3 tags. This can in turn contribute to your SEO score and result in higher SEO ranking.


Using SSL to make your website secure



Google considers security of the website as their ranking factor since it would want to provide the safe websites to users of the search engine.


By purchasing SSL and using HTTPS, your website is more secure as they encrypt data for security and does not corrupt data in the midst of it being transferred. Without HTTPS, when visitors click onto the website, Google warns Chrome users that the website is not secured and this might drive visitors to leave instead of continuing on to the page. Having a HTTPS not only helps to increase the ranking factor but also reduces bounce rates.


Relevant content


Contents in your website must accurately match the keywords that you have incorporated or the keywords that you are targeting. When implementing SEO, make sure that your content are of quality content. For example if your website is targeting "web design" keyword, your website pages must mention this word in a natural, grammatically correct manner.


Google's SEO ranking gives points to website that have quality content. Therefore, if your website spams the keywords among your content, even though you have a higher number of keyword count than your competitor who has better quality content than your website, you might have a lower SEO ranking compared to them. Furthermore, you might be penalised by Google SEO algorithm as well.




Speed plays an important role in SEO as they contribute to the performance ranking factor.


Google's optimum loading speed is 5s. Some of the ways to achieve this target can be to minimise HTTP requests which also means using less images, CSS and Javascripts. Alternatively, you can minify CSS and Javascripts to remove all the whitespaces. This would decrease the amount of memory the file takes up and increase your page loading speed. A better speed leads to better performance and eventually a higher SEO ranking.




In summary, incorporating relevant keywords naturally in the website, header tags and meta description are important factors of SEO. Making your website secure through the use of SSL are also important to keep visitors in your website and lets Google take the security of the website as an advantage in their ranking factor.


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