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Technical Exclusions

At Elves Lab, we strive to resolve majority of the enquiries you may have. However, there may be some areas we are unable to assist as they are not within the scope of our technical support team.

Hardware Conflicts

All Elves Lab Pte Ltd’s goods and services will serve their intended functions as discussed and agreed between Elves Lab Pte Ltd and the Client as according to the Sale of Goods Act, Cap. 393.

Software Issues

It is in our goodwill that we assist you in setting up your email client to view and download your emails, but if any issues persist, please contact your email client support or refer to their FAQ for help.

These pages may help you:

Software Conflicts

You have to remove other software in order to install the modem driver, email client and browser.

Operating System (OS) Problem

If you encounter problems like fatal exception or illegal operation which is mostly OS related, please refer to your PC/OS vendor for assistance.

Virus in your PC

We may provide suggestions on where you can get help to clean your PC, but we are unable to assist you further until the virus is removed. These anti-virus sites may help you to remove some of the virus:





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