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Responsive (PLUS) Web Packages

What is responsive web design and development?

Responsive web design and development allows clients to reach out to their audience using a single website that works effectively on multiple platforms and devices.

Why is UI/UX important?

Most users browse websites on mobile devices these days. It is important to have a website with a good User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

How to enhance the click rate of a website?

A good mobile experience enhances the click rate of a website. Cluttered contents can be laid out in a pleasant manner with a good website design. Responsive websites reorganizes its layout automatically according to the device viewing them, so that the same website provides a great experience anywhere.



Mock Up Design

Based on your corporate brand guide, services or products, our designers will gather your design requirements and design 2 mock up concepts.


Responsive Pages

The web page content will adjust its layout based on the display dimensions.


Integration of SEO Keyword Techniques

Provide us 10 Keywords and we will help your website get rank in search engine organic results.

1 Year Free Domain Name

Let us know your business name and we will assist you to register an online name.

We can also assist and help you think of a good and easy to remember domain name for your business.

For example: www.websitedesign.com.sg, www.interior.sg , www.thegoodfurniture.com.sg

1 Year Free Web and Email Hosting (500MB)

Hosting is a machine that stores your website files and your email accounts.

A typical 10-12 page website utilises about 100MB of space and the balance can be used for your email accounts.

1 Complimentary Form

Your customers can use this form to submit their enquiries to you.

All enquiries will be sent to the email address.

2 CMS News Panel

Usually located at the homepage, you can update your latest promotion and news via the backend.

Online Chat Function Integration

By using a 3rd party online chatting plug-in, your online viewers can get in touch via an online texting and you will get the message on your mobile (APP required) or your computer instantly.

You can have multiple colleagues man the chat and anyone will get an alert if there is an online chat request.

Photo Gallery or Articles Listing CMS

Via the website secured backend, you can create a photo album with a thumbnail or add in articles. You can add in multiple photos with captions in each online photo album.

Alternatively, you can add in articles with visuals and links to boost your SEO keywords.

Google Analytics

An online tool for you to view the statistics of your website's visitor rate.

Example: The monthly unique website visitors, the number of return visitors, the pages with the most views, the time users spend on your website etc.

Responsive (Plus) Web Package

SGD $5,688

SGD $9362

2 Mock up Website Design

Fully Customised Website Designs

Online Chat Function

Photo Gallery

Platform & Tools

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
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