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3 things that affect your website SEO Design
Posted on: Oct 19, 2023

Neglecting SEO Optimization



A website with poor SEO techniques will not be able to appear at the top list of the google search engine. On the contrary, websites with good SEO (Search Engine Optimized) will allow you to boost your online presence and business tremendously. You will hope to have your website listed on the first page of google search list when someone is looking for a product or service with relevance to yours.

There are various methods to appear on the first page of Google. There are organic search results, paid results etc. Consumers trust organic results more than paid results sub-consciously. There are multiple SEO techniques that can boost your ranking in google search engine. A good web developer implements SEO keywords using techniques that can help in your rankings. Useful content with relevant and descriptive information in SEO techniques will give you an advantage in google search results.


There are many ways to practice good SEO Techniques, click here to know more.


Unattractive design


An unattractive and cluttered design will make consumers distracted, this will increase bounce rate for your website. Consumers surf many websites in a day, and they do expect websites to be clear, attractive and user-friendly. You will need to communicate your message across to your consumers effectively by using the correct layout, webpage flow and design. A website with unattractive homepage and poor navigation will increase bounce rate for the website.

Developing a responsive web design will be essential as Google will penalize non-responsive websites in mobile search and this will affect the rank in google search. There are many “template” website building platforms that allows user to develop a website easily and those can lead to numerous errors and affect the user experince in long run if the back-end coding is not done properly.

An attractive design with too many customizations can have a reverse effect too. The design should be attractive and do not distract yout consumers from the content that you wish to bring across.


Not engaging a professional


Not engaging a professional will result in the following: 


  • Time consuming
  • Not user-friendly
  • Website with poor SEO techniques
  • Unattractive web design


Engaging a web design and development company allows you to strike a balance between an attractive design and having an informative website with good SEO techniques. Building a mobile responsive website requires you to have experiences and consumer’s online behavior beforehand. A lack of knowledge in consumers’ online behavior will make it hard for customers to navigate around yout website.


Web design agency will combine the functionality and visual with their creativity, this will ensure you to have a consistent design for your web pages. Engaging a web design and development agency allows you to anticipate shortcomings before development. The workflow will be more effective and less time consuming.


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