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About Us

Elves Lab started out on July 2000 with the mission to be a one-stop website design and development solution provider. Our foremost knowledge and experience in the field of information technology has enabled companies and businesses to quickly implement turn-key IT projects cost effectively and professionally. For emerging businesses and companies that lack the financial might of larger enterprises, Elves Lab offers solutions that enable websites/IT Projects affordably. From a simple responsive website to a complex website with CMS (Content Management System) and implementation of customised web systems, a team of highly competent IT consultants from Elves Lab is on hand to listen to your requirements and recommend the best web solution for your needs.
Our People
The team at Elves Lab comprises of highly motivated and dynamic young professionals who are endowed with the appropriate skills to serve the comprehensive needs of our clients. While software engineers make up the bulk of the software and web development team, our solution specialists and project-leads play a critical role in ensuring that all assignments undertaken is delivered on time and to the high expectations of our client.
Technological Expertise
Windows / Client Applications: .NET Framework 3.5/4.0
Web Applications: HTML5, ASP.NET(VB/C#), PHP 5.4.14, jQuery, Microsoft IIS 7.0, Adobe Flash
Database Design / Implementation: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Access XP, MySQL