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Why UX design is important?
Posted on: Oct 19, 2023

User experience, also known as UX is 1 of the most important aspects in web designing. When creating a website, you would not want to create a website that frustrates users such that they will leave the website just after a few seconds upon browsing the landing page. By having a UX friendly website design, visitors are likely to stay longer and reduce bounce rates. Lower bounce rates would increase your Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO) ranking and lead to more visitors and hence higher conversion rate for your business.


Good UX Design Aspects



1. Ease of navigation


By using words that describes the destination page in your navigation bar, visitors will be able to get to the page they intend to go. They would not be misled to a totally irrelevant page and will not bounce.


For example, by labelling "About Us" as the link that leads to a page that introduces what the business owner or a company is about, people can directly click on that link if they wish to find out what the company is about.



2. Usage of white spaces


Without using white spaces, it makes it more difficult to read a whole chunk of paragraph as shown below.



However, with the use of white spaces such as line breaks in your web design and splitting it into different paragraphs, readability is enhanced for visitors.




3. Mobile responsive websites


A mobile responsive website is a website where users can view the website on any device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile with a good design. Without a responsive web design, users may be able to enter the website however what they see would often be a small desktop version or simply a messed up design where users cannot tap on a button where they intended to go.


With increasing mobile penetration and mobile search enquiries in Singapore and worldwide, people often browse the internet using their mobile phones. Imagine visiting a non-responsive website as shown below, with a messy web responsive design, visitors would just leave your website and visit another website.



On other hand, by having a mobile responsive web design as shown below, your website is going to be more user friendly as your visitors can view your website on any device at their own convenience.

Source: https://qandm.com.sg/EN



If you are looking for a web designing company, make sure that the company has experience in designing a user friendly and mobile responsive website. Check out our mobile responsive portfolio or get a free quote now.

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