Calbee Ang Bao 2024 | Graphic Design
Joyful Ang Bao Design for Calbee's 2024 Celebrations
Step into the vibrant world of Calbee's 2024 Ang Bao designs, where tradition meets modernity with a twist of joyful creativity. Our client, Calbee, entrusted us with the delightful task of crafting Ang Baos for the year 2024, aiming for a design that encapsulates the spirit of celebration while staying true to their beloved mascot.
In collaboration with Calbee Japan, we embarked on a journey to create something truly special. Steering away from the conventional portrayal of potato chips, we infused the essence of their mascot into four unique illustrations, each depicting joyful activities. These lively mascots, albeit tweaked slightly, radiate happiness and meaning, promising a smile with every Ang Bao received.
Beyond the confines of tradition, we embraced versatility in our design. While red remains auspicious, we expanded the color palette to allow for suitability across various occasions. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or any festivity, Calbee's 2024 Ang Baos are ready to spread joy and blessings wherever they go.







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