Why revamp your website
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Why revamp your website

Older than 3 years old website

By redesigning your website and giving it a new design, you are able to give your online customers the impression that they care about user experience and not just about their services.

Furthermore, having a trendy website design will give the impression that your company and the products or services you provide are in trend. This will also give the impression that the company is innovative, creative and are constantly improving their services and products.

Adding more features

By incorporating new features in the new website design, your user experience will improve. For example, adding a live chat function can enable user to be able to get answers to their question on the spot rather than going the traditional ways of making a call or emailing the company and waiting. With good user experience, your visitors are likely to stay on the website longer and increase your conversion rate.

Low SEO ranking

Google’s SEO ranking factors are constantly changing and there are ways to improve your website’s SEO strategy. By updating your SEO website strategy, your SEO ranking on search engines will be higher, letting people discover your website more easily. After all, why create a website that nobody knows of?

Revamping the entire website will also solve any underlying technical issues that are stopping your page from ranking high. For example, there are ways to improve the speed and performance of your website which is one of Google’s SEO ranking factors.

Solve broken links

With website maintenance and external links that have been removed, it is important to ensure that there are no broken links within your website as this affects user experience and also your SEO ranking.

By revamping your website, you can ensure that the new content, links and buttons lead to actual website pages and not give an error 404 which indicates that the page is not found. Imagine if user wants to know more information about your company but when they click on “About Us” the page is nowhere to be found. Your user would just leave your website thus defeating the purpose of your website in the first place.

On the other hand, if users get to see the page they want to see, they will stay on your website longer and read the information that your website provides. You can also get your web designing company to implement a custom 404 error page such that your visitor is still within your website and gets to click other pages such as your home page or product page.

Unresponsive web designs

A responsive web design is as important as a normal website seen on a desktop, especially with people increasingly using their mobile phones to surf the net. A responsive web design is often referred to websites that can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Missing out on this feature would mean missing out on your target audience who browses the web using their mobile phones. Read more about responsive web design here or check out our responsive web package.

In summary, some of the signs that you should look out for when deciding about revamping your website is the duration of your website existence since you last revamped, trendier web designs, features that could help you improve user experience, higher SEO ranking and a responsive web design.

If you are still unsure whether you should bother to spend the money to revamp your website, get a free quote from us and hear our suggestions on what we can do improve your website.

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