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Why Virtual Showroom

Bringing your space to your customers can instead cut down travelling time and give your customers one of a time experience. Customers can visit your website and view a 3D virtual showroom of your space. This make things convenient for them and it gives them a good impression of your business.

Regardless of whether you are a retailer, a real estate agent or someone who want to transform your space into a virtual showroom, with our 3D scanning technology, we can help you create your own digital twin and embed into your website.

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Key Benefits of Virtual Showroom

  • Convenient for your potential customers.

  • Bring traffic into your website.

  • Showcase your beautiful space.

  • Able to tag products if applicable and link to your e-commerce.

  • Unforgettable impression to your potential customers.

How to create a Virtual Showroom

Leave this to us! Send in your enquiry and we will contact you. Once we are in mutual agreement, we will arrange to head down to your space and let our 360 cameras do the magic. We will require to do a 3D scanning of your space. Thereafter, we will then do the necessary editing to create your beautiful digital twin.

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