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Elves Lab provides a training ground for future website designers, programmers and social media marketers to join us as interns. If you are interested to learn to be a website designer, website programmer or social media marketer, you can join us for our internship programme.
Write in to us at with your skills set and tell us why you want to join us. If you are shortlisted, we will contact you for an interview.
Below are some of our interns whom have completed their internship with us.
Website Designer, interns
Internship Period: 05/09/2016 to 25/11/2016
School: Nanyang Polytechnic (School of Interactive Digital Media)
Working with Elveslab, has been such a great opportunity and wonderful experience. I was an intern in the design department for 3 months. Through the company, I learnt to handle small and big projects given by the clients such as designing websites, e-posters, e-banners and designing custom fonts specifically for OMNI theatre. I enjoyed the company there as the people were friendly.
I was honored that they trusted me in handling the works as this was a huge responsibility that I needed to carry out. I would like thank my supervisor and the boss of the company for being patient and believing in me.
website programmer, interns
Hong Wei
Internship Period: 30/05/2016 to 19/08/2016
School: Nanyang Polytechnic (School of Information Technology)
My internship at Elveslab was a great experience for me, as it provides me with insight on web design and development industry. My colleague were also supportive during this period of time.
Website Designer, interns
Nurul Khairiah
Internship Period: 05/09/2016 to 25/11/2016
School: Nanyang Polytechnic (School of Interactive Digital Media)
My internship at Elves Lab Pte Ltd gave me a great insight into the working world. I was attached to the IT department for my internship. This department is mainly responsible for the development, technical support, enhancement and maintenance of a vast selection of websites and web applications. I was given the opportunity to develop my front-end web development skills through a wide array of tasks which were entrusted to me.
My role during the attachment was to assist in regular maintenance of websites as well as to develop new websites from scratch. Not only that, I learnt more about the importance of effective communication and time management skills and how I could improve in those areas. At Elves Lab Pte Ltd, I was not only seen as an intern but as part of a dynamic team and I felt accomplished at the end of the internship. This internship opportunity has certainly enabled me to get back my interest in website development and to have new fruitful plans for my future.
Website Designer, interns
Internship Period: 07/03/2015 to 27/05/2016
School: Nanyang Polytechnic (School of Interactive & Digital Media)
My internship at Elves Lab Pte Ltd was a valuable working experience for me. As an intern, I learnt the value of team work. My colleagues were very helpful and their unconditional support and love motivated me to complete the internship program successfully.
Moreover, I also had a great opportunity to learn design skills from experienced professionals. I'm ineffably indebted to my colleagues and Elves Lab for sharing their knowledge, thus allowing me to reach my fullest potential. I'm looking forward to work in Elves Lab Pte Ltd if I get an opportunity once I graduate!